The GSG Social Committee supports the social and emotional well-being of Notre Dame graduate students, families, and their guests by hosting a wide array of events throughout the academic year. Connection to others is a key component of an integrated, healthy, and happy life, and is the hallmark of a Notre Dame experience. So be sure to make time for friends, fellowship, and fun together!

Our objective is to foster a vibrant and inclusive social community within the graduate student body and create a lively and inclusive social environment for all graduate students at the university. Our primary objective is to organize various social events and activities that cater to the diverse interests of the graduate student body. We believe that a strong and connected community is essential for our peers' overall well-being and success.

We aim to create a supportive and enjoyable environment where students can relax, de-stress, and build meaningful connections with their peers beyond academic pursuits. Through our initiatives, we seek to enhance the overall graduate student experience, encourage a sense of belonging, and contribute to a positive and enriching campus life. We believe a supportive and welcoming social community can greatly improve students' happiness, mental health, and academic performance. In addition to organizing events, we collaborate with other student organizations and departments to co-host joint activities, ensuring our social initiatives are well-integrated into the broader university community. Ultimately, our goal is to create an environment where everyone feels included, valued, and supported. We understand the challenges of being a graduate student, and our efforts are geared toward alleviating stress, building a sense of belonging, and fostering lifelong friendships.

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Jafarabadi Fatemeh Social
Tiwari Balark Social