Professional Development

Professional Development (also known as TREC)

What is "TREC"?

The TREC Committee (Teaching, Research, Ethics, Career) is the professional development arm of the Graduate Student Union. composed of graduate student volunteers, our mission is to offer information and programming that will help Notre Dame graduate students achieve their goals. We believe that professional development is not just about polishing your academic credentials and technical skills. It's about building confidence, learning self-awareness, and improving the leadership and communication skills that will help you become successful in whatever post-graduate career path you choose.

The concept of professional development is about tapping into your untapped potential. It is about lifelong learning and growing as an individual. What you will gain in our sessions will remain with you for a lifetime!

The Professional Development Committee of the Graduate Student Government at the University of Notre Dame is committed to enhancing graduate students' professional growth through various initiatives. Our primary objective is to provide a comprehensive platform for seminars and events covering various professional development topics. These initiatives include seminars on effective resume/CV writing tailored specifically for graduate students, equipping them with the tools to effectively showcase their skills and experiences. We also plan to organize seminars focusing on mastering research presentations, enabling students to deliver impactful and engaging talks that effectively communicate their work.

Furthermore, we recognize the importance of intercultural competence in today's globalized work environment. To address this, we aim to host seminars that explore intercultural competence and its influence on professional success. These seminars will provide graduate students with insights and strategies to navigate cross-cultural interactions and foster inclusive and collaborative work environments.

In addition to these specific events, our committee is dedicated to fostering mentorship programs that connect undergraduate students with graduate mentors who can guide them through the process of applying for graduate studies. By offering this support, we aim to empower undergraduate students with the knowledge and resources necessary to pursue higher education successfully.

Overall, the objectives of our committee are to provide a diverse range of seminars and events that address key aspects of professional development, including resume/CV writing, research presentation skills, intercultural competence, and mentorship opportunities. Through these initiatives, we strive to equip graduate students with the skills, knowledge, and support they need to excel in their chosen careers and positively impact their respective fields.

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